Boxed Drum

18" & 20", 14" deep Macedonian and Bulgarian Tupans are $400. They come with a shoulder strap and weigh about 5 - 6 pounds. Custom sizes can be built, contact me for details.

Heavy duty tupans with extra thick shells and cross bracing, that dancer can step up on, are $450. (These beasts are heavy, over 10 pounds usually, so don't order one unless you are sure you need it.)

Mylar light heads are $50 additional when ordered with a drum.

Mylar light heads fitted to an existing drum are $100 and you will need to get the drum to me.

Doli are $300.

Repairs are the cost of materials + $25 / hour.

Standard Cases, when ordered with a drum, are $75.

Standard Cases, for an existing drum, are $125.

Heavy duty, double-zipper cases with padding over the body are $50 additional. (If you travel with the drum a lot, this is a good idea, but it's also more hassle to open and close because it has two zippers.)

Tupan shoulder straps, separately, are $50.

Heavy Tupan sticks are $25.

Fiberglass sticks are $1.

Carbon fiber sticks are $3.

Rope tightening hooks are $5.

Head patch set is $1, post paid. Default is 2 roughly 3" x 1" strips of goat skin, one thin and one thick, enough for 3 normal sized patches in each head. But if you need a specific shape, size, or weight, contact me and I'll see if I can find it in my head-trimming collection. If you need more than 3 patches on one head, it's probably time to replace it. Contact me for details.

Gadulka tuning wrenches are $30.

Small Pipe Valves mounted are $20, including the cost of the valve.

Litle Mac Valves mounted are $30, including the cost of the valve.

If you need a gajda bagged, contact me and we can discuss it.

Packing and shipping is additional. For Drums it is $60-$80 (depends on how far you are from Seattle). Each drum is shipped in a custom fitted box (see picture). For cases it is ~$10. For everything else it is less that $5. When I ship you an item, I'll send you an email telling you what the shipping cost was.

Terms and conditions: For expensive items (drums & cases for example) after we correspond and figure out what you want, you send me ~1/2 the cost as a deposit (for example: $250 deposit for a standard drum and case, which cost $475 plus shipping). When I get the item done (4 - 6 weeks for a drum) I ship it and send you an email detailing what you owe.